2010-2011 MP3 Sunday Message Archive

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2010 Message Sermons

2011 Message Sermons


Date Series / Message Title   Date Series / Message Title
01/03/2010 "A New Beginning"  


01/10/2010 "Honoring The Body"   01/09/2011 "From Ritual To Relationship"
01/17/2010 Series: Following Jesus   01/16/2011

Series: Promises, Promises

The Power of a Covenant Relationship

  "Stepping Out"     "Written In The Sky"
01/24/2010 Series: Following Jesus   01/23/2011

Series: Promises, Promises

The Power of a Covenant Relationship

  "Honoring The Body"     "The Never-ending Promise"
01/31/2010 Series: Following Jesus   01/30/2011

Series: Promises, Promises

The Power of a Covenant Relationship

  "Get Real"     "God's Top 10 List"
02/07/2010 Series: Following Jesus   02/06/2011

Series: Promises, Promises

The Power of a Covenant Relationship

  "Developing A Faith That Never Gives Up"     "Snake Infestation"
02/14/2010 Series: Following Jesus   02/13/2011

Series: Promises, Promises

The Power of a Covenant Relationship

  "Trusting God To Supply"     "Direct Access"
02/21/2010 Series: Following Jesus   02/20/2011 "Three Dubya's of a Great Church"
  "Becoming A Responsible Disciple"   02/27/2011 "The Life Changing Mission of the Church"
02/28/2010 Series: Following Jesus   03/06/2011 "Let The Fire Fall"
  "Fully Devoted"   03/13/2011 Series: iPray
03/07/2010 Series: Following Jesus     "Developing A Prayer Lifestyle"
  "When The Going Gets Tough"   03/20/2011 Series: iPray
03/14/2010 Series: Following Jesus     "Prayer Requests"
  "Revolutionary Followers"   03/27/2011 Series: iPray
03/21/2010 Series: Following Jesus     "Problematic Prayer"
  "Faith Transactions"   04/03/2011 Series: iPray
03/28/2011 "Becoming Like Christ"     "How To Hear God's Voice"
04/04/2010 Series: Empty   04/10/2011 "Do Something"
  "Empty"   04/17/2011 "The Finished Work of the Cross"
04/11/2010 Series: Empty   04/24/2011 "Why Easter Is A Big Deal"
  "Empty Promises: The Lie of the World"   05/01/2011 "Empty Canvas"
04/18/2010 Series: Empty   05/08/2011 "God's Call to Mother's"
  "Empty Security: When Stuff is Not Enough"   05/15/2011 "Becoming A Difference Maker"
04/25/2010 Series: Empty   05/22/2011 "Collateral Damage"
  "Empty Worship: When Worship Makes God Sick"   05/29/2011 "Building Memorials"
05/02/2010 "The Pharisee and The Tax Collector"   06/05/2011 "Making A Big Deal Out of God"
05/09/2010 "A Mother's Faith"   06/12/2011 "Why God Wants You To Give"
05/16/2010 "Is It Too Late For America?"   06/19/2011 Series: Grace Anatomy
05/23/2010 Series: Is God Still There?     "Undeserved Gift"
  "Hopeful Living"   06/26/2011 Series: Grace Anatomy
05/30/2010 Series: Is God Still There?     "Taking Grace Seriously"
  "Hope For When You Are Hurting"   07/10/2011 Series: Grace Anatomy
06/06/2010 Series: Is God Still There?     "Generous Grace"
  "Trusting God For Forgiveness"   07/17/2011 Series: Grace Anatomy
06/13/2010 Series: Is God Still There?     "Restoring Grace"
  "When You Feel Like No One Loves You"   07/24/2011 "How To Live A Blessed Life Now"
06/20/2010 Series: Is God Still There?   07/31/2011 "A Covenant Remembrance"
  "When The Storms Are Raging"  


Series: Stand Firm

"When Trouble Strikes"


07/04/2010 "Fearing God"  


Series: Stand Firm

"When God Is At Work"

07/11/2010 Series: Rock Solid Christianity  


Series: Stand Firm

"When Good Things Come Your Way"

  "Following The Right Example"  


"Living A Life Of Praise"

07/18/2010 Series: Rock Solid Christianity  


Mark Harpold - "Radical Obedience"

  "Doing Life Together"  


"Finding Hope In A Troubled World"

07/25/2010 Series: Rock Solid Christianity  


"Welcome Home"

  "When You Have Troubles"  



"The Quest"

08/01/2010 Series: Rock Solid Christianity  



"The Beginning"

  "Foundational Living"  



"The Word"

08/08/2010 Series: Rock Solid Christianity  



"The Question"

  "Finish Well"  



"The King"

08/15/2010 "What Matters Most"  



"The Path"

08/22/2010 "The Habit of Happiness"  


"Into The Deep"

08/29/2010 "Words To Live By"  


"Don't Forget"

09/05/2010 "Taking The Bible Seriously"  


"Beyond The Surface"

09/12/2010 "The Irreducible Jesus"  


Matt Jackson -- "Silent Anticipation"

09/19/2010 "The Creative Power Of God"  


Maximizing Christmas

"How Christmas Can Light Up Your Life"

09/26/2010 "The Abundant Provision Of God"  


Maximizing Christmas

"How To Live Like A King's Kid"

10/03/2010 "The Strategy of Satan"  


Maximizing Christmas

"Don't Save It All For Christmas Day"

10/10/2010 "Living In A War Zone"  


"When God Speaks"

10/17/2010 "Embracing Grace"  


"The Gift Of Jesus"

10/24/2010 "Motives Matter"      
10/31/2010 "Living In The Last Days"      
11/07/2010 "A Servant's Heart"      
11/14/2010 "How Problems Can Make You Stronger"      
11/21/2010 "3 Things God Wants You To Know"      
11/28/2010 Series: Refocusing Christmas      
  "Refocusing Our Minds"      
12/05/2010 Series: Refocusing Christmas      
  "Refocusing Our Walk"      
12/12/2010 Series: Refocusing Christmas      
  "Living In The Season of Expectation"      
12/19/2010 Series: Refocusing Christmas      
  "Refocusing on the Wonder of CHRISTmas"      
12/24/2010 "Three Gifts You Can Open Right Now"      
12/26/2010 "Seeking The Savior"