2002-2003 MP3 Sunday Message Archive

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2002 Message Sermons

2003 Message Sermons


Date Message Title   Date Message Title

"Learning How To Walk"

  01/05/2003 "Dealing With The Demons Of The Past"

"What God Has Done For You"

  01/12/2003 "God's Promise to Remain Faithful"
02/10/2002 "Why Christ Is First"   01/19/2003 "The Biblical Command For Unity"

"The Truth About Reconciliation"

  01/26/2003 Not Available

"How To Make Your Life Count"

  02/02/2003 Not Available

"How Christ Lives in You!"

  02/09/2003 "Who God Chooses For His Team"
03/10/2002 "Say Goodbye To Guilt"   02/16/2003 "The Trust of Our Faith"

"A Life Worth Living"

  02/23/2003 Not Available
03/24/2002 "The Cross"   03/02/2003 Not Available
03/31/2002 "How Easter Can Change Your Life"   03/09/2003 Not Available

"Growing In Our Relationship with Christ"

  03/16/2003 "God's Creation"
04/14/2002 Not Available   03/23/2003 "Questions About War"

"Checking For Errors"

  03/30/2003 "Remembering Your Position"

"Our Fullness In Christ"

  04/06/2003 "Service With A Secret Trust"
05/05/2002 "Our Freedom For Christ"   04/13/2003 "Jesus Coming As King"
05/12/2002 Mother's Day Message   04/20/2003 "How Easter Gives Us Hope"
05/19/2002 "Our Standing In Christ"   04/27/2003 "It's Hard To Be Humble"
05/26/2002 "Wardrobe of a Christian"   05/04/2003 "Accountable Christianity"
06/02/2002 Guest Speaker -- Mike Hoffmann   05/11/2003 Mother's Day - "Kindness"
06/09/2002 "How To Live With A Thankful Heart"   05/18/2003 Not Available
06/16/2002 Father's Day Message   05/25/2003 "The Memorial" - The Lord's Supper
06/23/2002 "Standing In The Gap"   06/01/2003 "The Meaning of Christian Liberty"
07/07/2002 "How Prayer Changes Life's"   06/08/2003 "About Faithfulness"
07/14/2002 "How Love Unifies The Church"   06/15/2003 Not Available
07/21/2002 Not Available   06/22/2003 "How To Find Contentment In Your Life"
07/28/2002 Guest Speaker -- Mike Hoffmann   06/29/2003 Not Available
08/04/2002 "Working Out Our Salvation"   07/06/2003 Not Available
08/11/2002 "Living A Life Of Contentment"   07/13/2003 "How Love Determines My Behavior"
08/18/2002 Not Available   07/20/2003 "It's About God"
08/25/2002 "Making Your Life Count For God"   07/27/2003 "Are You Running To Win?"
09/01/2002 Not Available   08/03/2003 "A Joyfully Worshiping Church"
09/08/2002 "How To Keep From Worrying In An Unstable World"   08/10/2003 "Our Responsibility in Evangelism"
09/15/2002 Not Available   08/17/2003 "Discipleship"
09/22/2002 Not Available   08/24/2003 "Fellowship"
09/29/2002 Not Available   08/31/2003 "Developing A Heart of Ministry"
10/06/2002 "What The Church Is All About"   09/07/2003 Mark Harpold - "Why Are We Doing This?"
10/13/2002 "Convicting Faith"   09/14/2003 "Lives That Make A Difference"
10/20/2002 "Getting Used To The Dark"   09/21/2003 "The Meaning of The Lord's Supper"
10/27/2002 "Consequences Of The Spirit-Filled Life"   09/28/2003 "Do You Have Problems?"
11/03/2002 "How To Overcome The World's Attraction"   10/05/2003 "How God Provides"
11/10/2002 "How To Make Investments That Last"   10/12/2003 1 John 3:6-10
11/17/2002 "Living Above The Level Of The Culture"   10/19/2003 "Temptation"
11/24/2002 "What It Means To Worship God"   10/26/2003 "Why God Wants Us To Give"
12/01/2002 'Understanding What God Did Through Jesus Christ"   11/02/2003 "How Do You Respond To The Claims Of Christ?"
12/08/2002 "Who Is The Christ Of Christmas"   11/09/2003 What It Means To Give God Our Worship"
12/15/2002 "Out Cause To Celebrate"   11/16/2003 Learning To Live On A Higher Level of Faith"
12/22/2002 "Majesty In The Manager"   11/23/2003 "Jesus Loves Me This I Know"

Mark Harpold

"How To Have A Happy New Year"

  11/30/2003 "How To Beat The Holiday Blues"

Dr. Robert Claytor  "What Is It?"

      12/14/2003 "Joy"
      12/21/2003 "How Christmas Changed The World"
      12/28/2003 Not Available